Health and Safety Risk Control

Protective clothing and / or equipment has been issued for your use. It is your responsibility to ensure the following are adhered to: –
The basic PPE issued be worn or used when required.
The PPE issued shall be looked after and if damaged returned to your Supervisor for replacement.
Any item of issued PPE that goes missing is reported at once to your Supervisor for replacement.
That if you are unsure of the use or maintenance of any of the issued items of PPE, you should ask your Supervisor for instruction.

Safe Handling of Tools and Equipment.

Always ensure the correct tools or equipment are available and used for the task involved.
Always check the equipment before use, and ensure that a current calibration or certificate cover if any.
Never attempt to use faulty equipment or tools – report the defects to your Supervisor immediately.
Ensure all necessary protective guards are fitted before operation commencement. Never attempt to force or overload tools and equipment.
Always check plugs, sockets and leads for damage, and ensure that they are correctly wired.
Never attempt to clean, repair or adjust tools and equipment whilst the power supply is connected. Always ensure that portable electrical power tools are operating from a suitable 110-230volt supply.

Eye Protection

Always protect your eyes when carrying out works which may cause injury i.e.
Safety goggles are available and used when drilling or when operating abrasive disc equipment.
Wear goggles to protect your eyes from dust, flying particles and liquids.

Slips and Fall

Keep your work place tidy, if you do spill any liquids or grease then dean it up immediately.
Wear correct and suitable protective footwear at all times.
Ensure that where protective covers have been removed from cable ducts, suitable warning


Wear the hearing protection provided and make sure it is fitted correctly.
Keep all issued equipment dean and in good working condition.

Working at Heights

Scaffolding, when used, must be erected, altered, or dismantled by a competent person and check on a regular basis.
Ladders when used must be correctly selected for the work in hand to ensure safe working at the desired height.
When using extension ladders, the ladders must be secured at the top by lashing it to the structure.
When securing the ladders a colleague must be available to foot the ladder before attempting to climb. (Buddy System)
Do not allow more than one operative onto the ladder at any one time.
Do not over reach when working off steps or ladders relocate to ensure safe working position.

Access and Egress

Roper access and egress to the work area will be provided.
Roper working platform shall be provided for the worker to perform the work safely.
All personal will be briefed on emergency escape route.
For safety of the entire team, the minimum Personal Protection equipment is made available to all.


Sufficient lighting arrangement should be maintained at all time when necessary. Sufficient lighting arrangement is made at all work locations.

Hazardous Materials and Substances

No hazardous waste will be generated in the course of this work, thus, no special waste management on hazardous items needs to be addressed.

Waste Management

Scrap materials shall be removed from site regularly for re-use or disposal.
Daily inspection and housekeeping with in the site shall be carried out to ensure the health and safe environment of the work area.

Special Controls Measures

Permit to work system shall be implemented for working at height and hot work permit.
All workers will be briefed during the safety induction and daily toolbox meeting for the safe use of electrical tools and working with electricity.
The site supervisor shall be provided at site to ensure the work carried out safely at all times.

Plant & Equipment

The following tools and tackles will be used for the construction of common bracket support system for Electrical Services.

  1. Scissor lifts (Approved type)
  2. Aluminum ladders (Approved type)
  3. Electric and 9.6V & 24V battery operated drills
  4. Drill bits of various sizes
  5. Dot puncher
  6. Hammer and mallets
  7. Standard and box spanners
  8. Pliers
  9. Measuring Tapes
  10. Files
  11. Electrical Drills
  12. Cutting Machine
  13. Abrasive Disc Grinder